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    we’re up all night to read fanfics

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    RA Pocket Shrine 8/? - Thorin Oakenshield

    + + +   G I V E A W A Y     A L E R T   + + +  

    Head over to my WP blog guylty.wordpress.com for details.

    This giveaway is brought to you courtesy of nfcomics.tumblr.com


  3. A call out to the Zombies, Run! Fandom


    Dear followers, fellow fives and zombies, run! fans,

    let me talk to you for a second about the wonderful Laura/mitanika. She’s been running this really lovely blog called zombiesrunfeels! Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the time to take care of it anymore, so I thought, hey, maybe one of my wonderful followers wants to take over?

    If you’re interested, please contact mitanika or the zombiesrunfeels blog, or me :)

    And everybody else, please reblog and spread the word!


    Thank you!

  4. thegapperproject:


    Step by Step: A Great way of Painting your own Mural without Knowing how to Draw

    I used this technique in college towards my final piece.

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  6. Update on new Armitage craft project and other stuff #RichardArmitage #crossstitching

    I’m still on RA sabbatical, but more importantly, I’ve had things shaking up in RL too.


  7. "Do not try to be pretty. You weren’t meant to be pretty; you were meant to burn down the earth and graffiti the sky. Don’t let anyone ever simplify you to just “pretty.”"
    — Things I Wish My Mother Had Taught Me | d.a.s   (via northerntendencies)

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  8. Top of the Mornin’ to Ya, Liebste Freind! or Yay! I have my very own Pocket Shrine®

    Top of the Mornin’ to Ya, Liebste Freind! or Yay! I have my very own Pocket Shrine® http://wp.me #RichardArmitage #Guylty /p27zRO-3jp

    Guylty has gifted me with:

    The first John Thornton Pocket Shrine®!

    I feel like an Armitage boss :)

    Thank you DEAR GUYLTY!!!



  9. Armitage Visual Fest 8

    Armitage Visual Fest 8 #RichardArmitage

    I don’t often make gifs but here a few favorites of mine.

    They aren’t all that, but I remember having a blast (and tearing out my hair with frustration) when making them :)

    Maybe honing my gif skills should be my summer 2014 resolution?

    Richard Armitage I dress myselfsmall

     Bee-gif final_35342274896_origen.jpg GIF JOHN  http___makeagif.com_media_6-25-2012_RuS78t  http___makeagif.com_media_6-26-2012_YBmqyG John Porter sunshine  Richard Armitage globe

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  10. Armitage Visual Fest 6

    Armitage Visual Fest 6 #RichardArmitage

    I really don’t think you can have enough bare-chested pictures of Richard Armitage on your computer, right?

    Lucas, Porter and Guy have spoilt us rotten.

    Whether hairy or clean-shaven, bulked up or a little on the slim side, I definitely approve!

    And the added bonus to that chest are those beautiful shoulders and arms ;)

    6ht6 49f6483b  imagesCASHB82P lucas lucas-ep8-promo2 sb1epi6hd_003jpbrchstsweatoct0811ranet1 series712 tumblr_m4d3u59JRP1qhwkl4o7_1280

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